“Ni-hao” and welcome to our site Learn Mandarin Now which has been specially designed to help you find the way not only to get started learning Chinese, but also to continue helping until you have a good grasp of the basics required to speak and read the language.

Learn Mandarin Chinese

Learning Mandarin Chinese is one of the world’s fasting growing trends. Learning the language gives you the opportunity to be able to communicate with over 1 billion new friends, acquaintances and business contacts. So how do you do it?

Well, simply start by looking through our website Learn Mandarin Now and read up on the basics to success…

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Speaking and Reading Chinese Made Easy

Learn Mandarin

Learn Mandarin

We know it’s not easy looking for the most appropriate way to get started learning Mandarin Chinese. We know that there are a myriad of books, programmes, videos and tutorials out there.

In fact, sometimes it can be quite confusing, as some websites contradict each other when it comes to talking about the right way to learn, or the ideal number of Chinese characters a beginner needs to learn to read fairly well.

Well, we have taken much of the initial work out of you having to start tour research from scratch and can offer articles and suggestions about such things; we canoffer insights and comments to really help you get on your journey to fluency!

Go on,Challenge yourself: Learn Mandarin Chinese

Learn Mandarin

Learn Mandarin

For those who like a challenge, deciding to study the Mandarin Chinese language may just be the answer.

Yet, it’s a challenge of the best type—one that can bring you untold rewards. Plus it’s really not as hard to get started as some people night first think.

Just imagine reaching a stage in your study of Chinese where you can effectively communicate with thousands of new friends and acquaintances. Maybe find a new career or business opportunities in China, Taiwan or even in your home country working for a company which already has China business interests.

Learning Mandarin Chinese might just give you an edge in your personal and professional lives.

But maybe best of all, it really is not that difficult once you get started. Sure there are the tones and the characters (or the new “alphabet” if you want to call it that) but, hey, it’s not dissimilar to doing a jigsaw or cross word… once you get going and stay focussed, the pieces just fall into place!

Start to Learn Mandarin Chinese in Just a Few Minutes

Learn Mandarin

So, now you’ve made that big decision to start to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Maybe you are doing it for your own enjoyment or to get ahead in your career or just to make new friends in China. No matter as, surprisingly, learning Mandarin Chinese is not quite as difficult as many people first think and it really is possible to start to learn Mandarin Chinese in 5 minutes.

The big though question is: what is the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese?

Everyone will have an opinion on whether such learning should be via self learning or in a group getting to speak Mandarin Chinese or even on a one to one basis. Should it be via one of the tutorials on the internet or even, simply, do you go and live in China and immerse yourself in the language and culture on the country?

No matter which way you choose, always remember Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language with four distinct, recognisable tones and if you plan and listen well you will really begin to learn the language in 5 minutes.

Learn Mandarin Chinese on the ubiquitous net

Learn Mandarin
Ohhh.., where would we be without the internet?

Just take a moment to think how easy it is to start to learn Mandarin Chinese online. You do this from the comfort of your own home or a classroom room in an educational centre.

You can find ways to research the key tones of Mandarin Chinese, look up the meaning of individual characters or phrases or even learn how to read the various characters which make up the language.

Not only that but you can learn step by step how to form such characters to facilitate eventual reading.

Then there are the audio clips and full tutorials with sound and vision; not forgetting the huge number of self or professionally made videos on media such as You Tube where, usually, native Chinese speakers give instructions on how to speak or read Mandarin Chinese.

Truly a world of education at your fingertips on your keyboard!

Learn Mandarin Chinese Pinyin

Mandarin Chinese writing is usually known as pinyin, a system which was devised over 50 years ago for writing standard Mandarin Chinese using the Roman alphabet. Pinyin is still used exclusively in China even today.

For most non-native speakers learning to read Mandarin Chinese, after being used to learning an alphabet with far fewer letters, the key is to understand the structure of the various Chinese characters 汉字/漢字or literally “Han characters”.

Learn Mandarin Chinese
The Chinese writing system is roughly monosyllabic with each character generally representing one syllable of spoken Chinese. Such character and may be a word on its own or part of a multi-syllabic word. The sounds these characters represent are the sounds of Mandarin Chinese.

How to Speak Mandarin Chinese
Whilst learning to read and, possibly, write may not be the first steps in mastering Mandarin Chinese, it undoubtedly helps with one’s deeper understanding of the language.

At this stage, having read all this, we have to ask you: Are you up for the challenge of learning Mandarin Chinese?