Trying to learn any new foreign language is not easy—we know that. Especially when you are trying to learn a new language where you can’t instantly read the “words”.

Then there are the various tones and, when you get to the reading stage, many people find that the sheer number of characters to learn can be quite overwhelming.

So we set up this resource to try and smooth out out some of the issues as it were, and to try and help you understand the early processes of learning Mandarin Chinese step by step.

You can read and review a variety of articles all written by people with extensive experience of learning new languages or simply take your time and browse through some of the sites shown on our resource pages.

You almost certainly will gain a better insight into the workings of Mandarin Chinese and, hopefully, enjoy the experience of gaining knowledge.

We hope you enjoy our site and that it helps you move along your journey towards being a fluent speaker and reader of Mandarin Chinese.

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Dimitris Polychronopoulos
Dimitris Polychronopoulos

This is a great website. The podcasts are wonderful!

Learn Mandarin Now

Thanks Dimitris!