Not long after meeting someone new, you are almost certain to be asked about what you do for a living. And we are sure you’ll be interested to know what your friends, old and new, also do. Just make sure you know how to ask them….

In this Podcast, you will learn:

1) How to ask people what work they do

2) How to say some common jobs in

Chinese Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

1) (你)是做什么工作的 ?What do you do?

Grammar Note: You can replace subjects such as 你(you), 他(he), 她(she), 他们(they), with a name (ie Johnny) etc, to ask about the jobs of different people. Eg. 他是做什么工作的?What does he do? Johnny是做什么工作的?What does Johnny do?

1) (我)是(工程师):I am an engineer

Grammar note: This is useful phrase to talk about a person’s job. You can replace “I” with other subjects such as 你(you), 他(he), 她(she), 他们(they), (name) etc. You can also replace different jobs in the sentence.

Eg. 他是工程师。He is an engineer.

我是老师:I am a teacher.

Popular jobs in Chinese:

医生:Doctor (hospital)

护士:Nurse 工程师:Engineer 厨师:Chef


导演:(TV/Film) Director



主持人:Host / Hostess

Cultural note: In China, you can hear people call other people teacher quite often. People will call others a teacher if they feel the other is more knowledgeable, has authority, or wants to show respect. So, in China, you don’t have to actually to do a teacher’s job to be called 老师 (teacher)!

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Narrated by Song Liu

Our Podcast narrator, is a native Chinese speaker and is originally from Beijing, China and is keen to help you get ahead with learning. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Song also hosted a Mandarin live call-in news and music radio show in the Bay Area.

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