It’s always useful to be able to compare things; are they like-with-like, or really quite different? Which one is better and which one do you like best? Keep talking with your friends and colleagues about all sorts of things…

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(1) To compare between similar or different things and products

(2) To describe which thing/item is better or bigger

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:

更:even more

Grammar note: To express “even more,” you can use

更. 更 which generally comes before adjectives 更 +adjective


更漂亮:more beautiful


这个更好:this is better

那个更大: that is bigger

这个更快:this is faster

这个颜色更好看:this colour looks better


我的裙子比较好看:My dress looks better

这个和那个比,哪个好:If you compare this one and that, which one is better?

这个比较大:This is bigger

这个裙子比较好看:The skirts looks better

美国和中国比,哪个更大:Which county is bigger? The U.S.A. or China?

你选哪个:Which one would you choose?

红色和蓝色比,你选哪个:Between red and blue, which one would you choose?

你喜欢哪个:Which one do you like?

黄色和黑色比,你喜欢哪个:Between yellow and black, which one do you like?

红色比蓝色好看:Red looks better than blue

飞机比火车快:Aeroplanes are faster than trains

你比他高:You are taller than him

你比她高:You are taller than her

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Narrated by Song Liu

Our Podcast narrator, is a native Chinese speaker and is originally from Beijing, China and is keen to help you get ahead with learning. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Song also hosted a Mandarin live call-in news and music radio show in the Bay Area.

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