Getting around any city in China can be a challenge. Traffic will probably be busy most of the day, especially during the morning and evening rush hours. So, what’s the best way to get around? Ensure you can discuss or suggest some options with your colleagues and friends…

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To talk about different transport options to get to your destination

(ii) How to suggest an alternative mode of transportation


Two colleagues are on their way to a meeting:


(zài lù shàng)

(on the road)


Xiàn zài dōu qī diǎn le, zán men hái yǒu bàn xiǎo shí jiù yào chí dào le.

It’s already seven o’clock. We need to be there in half an hour. We are going to

be late.


Xiàn zài zhèng shì shàng bān gāo fēng qī. Zán men zuì hǎo hái shì bié dǎ chē.

Hmm, now is the rush hour, we’d better not take a taxi.


Duì, zuì haǒ shì zuò dì tiě ba. Dì tiě zuì kuài.

Right, it’s best to take the Underground. The Underground is the quickest.


Hǎo nà zán men kuài zǒu ba.

Okay, let’s go then.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:


半小时:half an hour

迟到:be late for

上班高峰期:rush hour

最好:had better

打车:take a taxi

坐地铁:take the Underground

最快:the quickest

快走:walk fast

Cultural/Grammar note:

The difference between ‘咱们’ and ‘我们’ is that the former refers to you and the person you are talking with, whilst the latter can refer to you and someone else, not including the person you are talking with.

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Narrated by Song Liu

Our Podcast narrator, is a native Chinese speaker and is originally from Beijing, China and is keen to help you get ahead with learning. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Song also hosted a Mandarin live call-in news and music radio show in the Bay Area.

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