To learn Chinese for free is, actually, not that difficult.

In fact, it’s probably fair to say that most people starting out learning the language will try to do so for free, just in case after paying out course or other tuition fees they find it’s not for them.

In any event there are several key ways to learn for free, although some of these depend on whether you are in your home country or living in China or Taiwan already.

Learn Mandarin Chinese from Text Books

Learn Chinese for Free

Learn Chinese for FreeYou can borrow learn Mandarin Chinese text books from your local library or from friends who have already starting studying the language and purchased some books. Of course, trying to teach yourself and language without hearing it spoken or without the necessary support to ask questions and the like is not easy—but not impossible.

Learn Mandarin Chinese from the Internet

Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese

No matter where you are, providing you have internet access, you can find numerous websites offering to learn Mandarin Chinese for free on the internet. Some of them are very comprehensive and can help not only with vocabulary, sentence structures but also learning how to read and write Chinese characters.

Many free online courses contain audio or video clips and it may be that these free courses are ideal for the real beginners but the challenge will, of course, be as you wish to progress.

Learn Mandarin Chinese from Videos on You Tube

Yes, I know it’s still the internet, but searching through and finding a video or series of video feature or clips on You Tube can be very helpful. Not only are some of the tutorials well structured but you can pick your required level from between beginner, intermediate or advanced. One of the great benefits, of course, is the fact that you can see and hear (usually) a native speaker speaking Mandarin Chinese and this will be greatly beneficial for your own ability to converse with others with confidence.

Learn Mandarin Chinese with Some Chinese Friends

Learn Chinese for FreeEspecially if you are living or working in China, you will find that many local, younger generation Chinese people are keen to learn English. They will have some knowledge of the language but are always keen to improve. So, either on a group basis or individually, find a friend or friends keen to undertake some form of language exchange.

Assuming you can speak English well, offer to teach one or more of your Chinese friends one hour of English for one hour of Mandarin Chinese. Ideally start with the basics (depending on your experience level) and talk about everyday things which will be helpful in getting around and about.

There are some more formal Chinese language exchange groups available, depending on where you live, to exchange not only language but experience about living or travelling in China

Learning Mandarin Chinese for free is quite possible, you just need to find the way that suits you best!




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