“Ni-hao” and welcome to our site Learn Mandarin Now which has been specially designed to help you find the way not only to get started learning Chinese, but also to continue helping until you have a good grasp of the basics required to speak and read the language.

It’s always upsetting or disappointing when something goes wrong or doesn’t go according to plan; and, perhaps, more so when the issue or problem is not caused by you. Some things you can endeavour to solve to get over your disappointment, but with others such as the weather there is very little you can do …
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Most people enjoying reading for leisure, as well as reading to learn. If you like novels or stories you probably have your own particular tastes in what you prefer to read, and it’s rare for someone to like, say, science fiction and also classic literature. Still, that’s just one of the reasons why there are …
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Success can mean different things to different people. To some it’s all about getting ahead in your career, getting a high salary and becoming a leader at work. To others it’s more to do with having a family, preferably a son and a daughter, and being able to take care of them and see them …
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Welcome to another Podcast interview! Today’s guest is Ivan Batishchev who is a PR and digital communications executive from Italki. Ivan lives and works in Shanghai, China and can speak 5 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German and, of course, Mandarin Chinese! In this interview, he shares lots of his interesting experiences and stories about his …
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The job market in China is very competitive and employers are always looking out for new, capable staff. It’s very tempting to change jobs for more money, or if you think you will have better promotion prospects in another company. Learn how to discuss in Mandarin Chinese about your career plans or listen to a …
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