If friends or relatives have been to visit you, just how do you say goodbye in an appropriate way? And maybe let them know that you may be seeing them again soon? It’ll be really worthwhile learning how to be polite and tactful in such situations.

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To thank someone for showing you around or taking care of you for a few days

(ii) How to promise to go and visit someone in another city

Dialogue: Saying good-bye at the train station:

A: 在北京这几天多亏你们关照了。Zài běijīng zhè jǐ tiān duōkuī nǐmen guānzhàole.

Thanks you for taking caring of me the last few days in Beijing.

B: 二叔,哪儿的话,应该的!Èr shū, nǎ’er dehuà, yīnggāi de!

Uncle, you are more than welcome.

A: 下次你们一定来上海啊!我带你们玩!Xià cì nǐmen yīdìng lái shànghǎi a! Wǒ dài nǐmen wán!

Next time you come to Shanghai, let me show you around.

B: 好好,下次我们去上海看您!Hǎohǎo, xià cì wǒmen qù shànghǎi kàn nín!

Sure. Next time I will go to Shanghai to see you.

A: 行,那你们快回去吧。我上车了。Xíng, nà nǐmen kuài huíqù ba. Wǒ shàng chēle.

Great. Please go back. I am ready to get on board the train.

B: 好好。那您自己要小心啊。一路平安啊!Hǎohǎo. Nà nǐ zìjǐ yào xiǎoxīn a. Yīlù píng’ān a!

Okay. Take care yourself. Safe trip!

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:


多亏:thanks to

关照:help, taking care

二叔:second uncle

哪儿的话:not at all—a common expression to reply to thank you.

应该的:literally means this is what I should do, but here it means you’re welcome

下次:next time



我带你们:let me take you


回去吧:go back

自己小心:take care of yourself

我上车了:I am ready to get on board

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Narrated by Song Liu

Our Podcast narrator, is a native Chinese speaker and is originally from Beijing, China and is keen to help you get ahead with learning. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Song also hosted a Mandarin live call-in news and music radio show in the Bay Area.

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